Online currency description and application


In order to protect the interests of investors, CoinCme will conduct asset evaluations on the currencies of all online transactions. The currency must meet the following conditions, including but not limited to:
        • Strong technical architecture or landing applications
        • The community is active and has a wide audience
        • No policy risk, meet professional compliance requirements
        • Timely disclosure of project details, project white papers, regular development, progress reports, etc.
        • Trading platform's other requirements for online currency trading
        For digital assets to go online, please log in to your Google account and fill in and submit the relevant details through the following link:         


Underline currency description


In order to protect the interests of investors, CoinCme reserves the right to support the project to trade on the platform and the project to go offline. If the project party triggers the following conditions, we will announce the transaction offline, including but not limited to:             
        • The project team is dissolved             
        • Project party violates policy, non-compliance             
        • Due to strategic adjustment and development needs, the project action team actively requested offline             
        • False details, major deviations in details disclosure             
        • Other matters that do not satisfy the continuing transaction             
            CoinCme will issue a downline announcement five days in advance of the project that decides to go offline, and the user has a 30-day period to remove the assets from the wallet.